Abalone Shell, Blue Topaz , 925 Sterling Silver Ring

Product Description: Abalone Shell :- Abalone is a beautiful shell and an Organic gem ma....

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Product Description: Abalone Shell :- Abalone is a beautiful shell and an Organic gem material from the Haliotidae and Genus Haliotis Family. Aragonite tiles of calcium carbonate, with the inner lining of Nacre, make up the structure of its shell. The shell is rounded to oval, and has a body whorl with a series of holes along the edge. Abalone is a sea food delicacy. Color: The Abalone Shell has strong silver overtones with a rainbow of colors reflecting at the surface. Iridescent color play of blues and greens found in Abalone Shell is naturally occurring. Meaning: Haliotis meaning ‘sea ear’, found off the North American coast is called Abalone. It is called Paua- off the coast of New Zealand, Awabi- off the coast of Japan and Omer- off the coast of Guernsey. Abalone may also be called ‘Mother of Pearl’, or ‘Sea Opal’. Source: The Abalone, a mollusk, is found in the United States along the North American coast, coastal California, the coast of Baja California, Mexico, Japan and China. Metaphysical Properties: Ensuring inflow of love, beauty, gentleness, caring, compassion and peace, Abalone Shell fills life with meaning and purpose. Enhancing expression for better understanding, it leads to harmony and balance.

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ABALONE SHELL 19 x 10 mm 1
BLUE TOPAZ 5 x 5 mm 2
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